Bring BRA Day USA to Your Community

Any individual or group is encouraged and welcome to start a BRA Day event in their area.

There is no fee to participate and ASPS has a free BRA Day Starter Guide and communications toolkit available to help you plan your BRA Day activities.

Just complete and submit our BRA Day affiliate form to get started!

For questions or more information, please contact

What is a BRA Day Affiliate?

As a BRA Day USA Affiliate you are an advocate for women's health and serve as an educator about breast reconstruction options and insurance coverage for this procedure.

Many women who have undergone mastectomy are not aware of the options available to them, and affiliates help to create better and wider global understanding of post-mastectomy choices and resources.

Joining the BRA Day USA movement demonstrates an interest in and desire to educate others about breast reconstruction and women's health.

BRA Day USA supporters help shed light on the role that plastic surgeons play in performing breast reconstruction.

BRA Day USA 2014 Theme

The BRA Day 2014 theme is BRAve Face.

This year we recognize the many faces of breast cancer and the unique journey of every person facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

Breast cancer does not discriminate. And while every journey is unique – all breast cancer patients have the right to know their reconstruction options. So help spread the word!

BRA Day USA 2014 Ideas

Examples of past BRA Day events include:

  • Art contest and raffle: Ask breast cancer survivors to design a bra and auction them off.
  • Educational seminar/reception
  • Flash mob: Draw further attention to this cause by organizing a group to sing, dance or parade in a public place. Ask participants to dress in similiar colors, costumes, etc.
  • Gala event: Host a fundraiser to support the BRA Fund a local charity. Invite medical professionals on the breast cancer care team to talk about the "Team Approach".
  • Q&A Panel: Invite the breast cancer care team and breast reconstruction patients to participate in a discussion where members of the community can freely ask questions about breast reconstruction. Organize a run/bike/walk
  • "Show and Tell" intimate event: Invite breast reconstruction patients share their results with other women considering breast reconstruction. A recent ASPS survery showed that 89% of women would want to SEE what breast reconstruction results look like before making a treatment decision.